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Dvorsky Art bio information

Picture of Barrett Dvorsky Painting A fine artist at heart I love color, shape, and form. With a degree in Visual Communications and after years of working as a Graphic Designer by day and on fine art by night, I have decided to combine the two, too spread my love of art.

I grew up in southeast Michigan and moved to the burbs of Chicago for college. I studied design but still kept up on my skills with a brush and pencil. After working as a t-shirt designer in school I learned all about the old school process of hand done color separations. After graduation and in the lull of the economy I worked at Starbucks and was a featured artist for their partner art shows in Chicago called "Avant Grande". Asked to be in a documentary about artist that work for them, I was recognized for my unique abstract/surrealistic style. My second year at the show I was featured in Timeout Chicago Magazine, in their review of the show Before I left there I put down the brush and started to draw again.

After starting into my design career at a merchandising company I jumped into learning web development over the following two years. I did very little art during this period because I didn't have the studio space to paint. Once I got my own apartment and had room I decided to start into a new medium and developed a series of balsa wood flower sculptures. I loved the challenge of learning a new medium from scratch and doing sculpture for a change. Once the dredge of working at the computer full time and working with a tough material my hands had enough and I stopped sculpting and began freelancing as a web designer.

After moving jobs and starting a family I started painting again at a friends gallery. I found a bunch of new influences and after getting back in touch with oils I decided to dabble in mixing more mediums together. I was mixing everything from spray paint and pastels to adding layers of acrylics and oils. This lead me to change the way I paint and the speed at which I work on things. The people at the Paper Crown Gallery I worked with and met there shaped the artist I am today. Breaking the mold I stuck myself into I even changed the subject of what I thought my art to be and why I did it. Jumping into a street art crowd I found tons of new things that I look at as art and even dipped my toes into doing some murals and street art stickers. After getting over the temporary idea of street art I still kept a part of it in my heart.

After moving back to Michigan I again decided to start fresh with a new medium, one that I never liked when I was young, and experimented doing watercolors with my kids. A medium I always felt I couldn't control until I had the epiphany that I didn't need to obsessed over what I once thought of as mistakes. Soon I found that it was like a friend I never had and it has become my medium of choice when I am doing fine art.

Combining the two worlds of fine art and design I have grown into a versatile artist that uses my skills to bring my artwork to the world. My goal is to spread color and art in the world through my designs.