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Welcome to DvorskyArt

Paintings and other artwork from Barrett Dvorsky

Dvorsky ArtIn balancing the creative and technical as a professional artist and designer, I believe in a carefully crafted and well executed end product. Creating everything from print media to websites for a living has taught me to keep a wide but polished skill set.

I have been hand crafting things since I was young and to this day I put that into everything I do. Drawing and painting are my favorite but I try to keep myself challenged by always trying to use new mediums or surfaces.

Limited Edition Art Prints

If you want something straight from the artist that is signed and numbered, then check out Do Art Here and see the variety of canvase prints that are available for purchase online at

Each canvase print is 11"x14" and only 100 are going to be avaiable so get them while they last.

  • Signed and Numbered Canvas Prints
  • Limited Edition Canvas Prints

Art Products

If you love art & animals and are looking for a new tshirt for yourself or a family member than visit the Dvorsky Art Threadless Artist's Shop and see what is new.

I have a wide selection of products that can add color to your wardrobe or liven up your home decor project. Take a peek at the selection of Hoodies, Toddler Shirts, Womans Bottoms to wear and the Backpacks, Drawstring Bags, and Totes to carry your stuff around.

Art Gear For The Whole Family

  • Mens T-shirt Designs
  • Womens Leggings Designs
  • Womens T-shirt Designs
  • Art Beach Towels
  • Art Blankets
  • Art Throw Pillows
  • Art Duvets
  • Art Shower Curtains
  • Art Face Masks
  • Art Tote Bags
  • Art Drawstring Bags
  • Art Backpacks
  • Art Travel Mugs
  • Art Zipper Pouches