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See whats going on or coming up in the Dvorsky Art world

A Random Artisan I also started a YouTube channel where I share some of my art projects and other art related things I hav goin on in my life.

If you want to see some of the things going on at the studio then check out @arandomartisan

Do Art Here I opened an art studio in Blissfield, Michigan a year back and I'm finally gettting around to updating this site to include all the new stuff going on with my art.

At the studio I explore my creative projects and do freelance graphic design. If you have a need for some design contact me about your art needs.

New Products Available For the year of 2020 I was going to have festivals in seven different locations, in Michigan and Ohio, to launch Dvorsky Art Prints and add more to the site. The cancelation of all the events for the year had been a small step back but has brought focus to adding new art and art products.

The launch of the Threadless Artist Shop brings the line up of products that I had on the back burner to reality. Now you can get watercolors from the series Animals From Chaos on a range of products for the home and your daily life. Choose from shirts and leggings to wear or a new tote to carry your things in, and a wide selection of other great art products.

New Retail Art prints and canvas prints avaiable at the Love Thy Neighbor Boutique in Blissfield, Michigan. Getting somethings in to a local retail shop to get some foot traffic and the brand out into the world.

If your in Southeast Michigan stop in and check out their selection.